Same Day Crowns - What You Need To Know About It



Crowns are used by dental practitioners on their patients when they find that there are damaged teeth. They are designed to strengthen the damaged tooth and even improve its visual appearance, alignment or shape. The crown can be placed above an implant to offer that tooth-like structure and shape for function. Ceramic or porcelain crowns can then be matched according to the natural color of your teeth. Other materials that are used with crowns can either be metal alloys and gold, ceramic and acrylic. Alloys are stronger compared to porcelain, and they can be recommended for the back teeth.

Unlike dentures that can be removed, crowns and even bridges are permanently cemented onto the existing implants or teeth, and they can only be removed by your dentist. 

Same Day Crowns

You only need a crown when your dentist says so, but you've heard about same day crowns. In the past, the only option you could get was a dental crown that goes through an extensive process. First, your dentist will take a mold of your damaged tooth. The mold then is sent off to the dental lab where it will be based to make the crowns with. In a span of 2 or 3 weeks, you are expected to go back to your dentist to have the new crown cemented into its place. While waiting for the crown, the dentist will fit you with the temporary crown which will protect the tooth up until the permanent crown gets completed.

But because of the advancement of technology, doctors today have also dipped their hands into excellent tools and products as well. With the use of the technologies that are based on CAD or computer-aided design and CAM - Computer Aided Manufacturing, dentists have invested in techniques that will significantly reduce the time it takes to create a crown.

The process to create the crows and easy and quick for the patients. It begins with using an intra-oral camera, which is a bit bigger than the standard tip of the ballpoint pen. This device will take a series of 3D images of the tooth in question. The images were taken, together with its precise measurements, shows on the computer screen where the dentist will tweak on the dimensions as needed before they send the final version to its milling stage in the office. The machine then starts carving a crown from the material it uses, which will be made ready to get bonded with the tooth. This is the same quality and material of the crown that is traditionally made, but this will be done in a fraction of the time.

Traditional Crowns

The traditional crowns start from the temporary crowns then onto the permanent crowns. The temporary crowns are made from resin, which is the affordable option to go to than porcelain or ceramic crowns. However, the permanent crowns are made from pure ceramic or pure porcelain as they are an ideal choice, especially when you have an allergy to metal. However, the usual way that crowns are made takes time, which is why it is best that you go with same day crowns.

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