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We know there are many choices in the East Bay Area. Residents from Alameda, Oakland, or Fremont drive to San Leandro to visit our office for the best treatment options. Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself "Should I get my teeth whitened?" or "Is there a way to make my smile better?" At Nice Teeth Dental, we have all your cosmetic dentistry needs.

Promoting Oral Health

If the first step is to improve your smile, the second step is to keep your smile healthy.  With the right oral care, you can prevent gum disease, tooth decay, cavities and more.  Our local east bay office, keeps our clients up to date on recommended cleanings and dental hygiene routines. 

California Healthcare, Research and Prevention

The recent election in November 2016, passed the California Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016.  One of the purposes of this Tax is to help Californians learn more about dental diseases caused by tobacco and how to treat it. In the four step process of revenue distribution, step 3 is to allocate $30 million toward the treatment and prevention of dental diseases.  This could potentially mean more oral health resources available to Californian residents.

East Bay Local Health Departments

In partnership with the California state oral health program, local east bay oral health programs can spread the communication and health literacy around the neighborhoods.  Now bay area residents can contact their local city governments to get more information on quitting smoking and how to eliminate/reduce any associated dental disease.

If you have recently quit smoking, and would like a better smile, Nice Teeth Dental can help.

Serving East Bay Area Cities

  • OAKLAND: 9 miles away

  • ALAMEDA: 7 miles away

  • BERKELEY: 13 miles away

  • EMERYVILLE: 11 miles away 

  • ALBANY: 17 miles away 

  • LAFAYETTE/MORAGA/ORINDA: 15+ miles away

  • WALNUT CREEK: 22 miles away 

  • CONCORD: 28 miles away 


  • Hayward: 6 miles away

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