What You Need to Know About Ashland, California


There is so little information about Ashland, California. Not so many people provide information about this city, other than the websites that are established by their local government. Still, other websites are undergoing renovation or it could be that it would take time to put up a site with information that every visitor of Ashland will truly enjoy reading.

What you will find here is basic facts about the city itself.

Ashland, California

Formerly known as San Leandro South, this is a CDP or census-designate place in the Alameda Country in California. CDP refers to the population concentration as defined in the United States Census Bureau for purposes of statistics only. This has been used in every decennial census since the year 1980 as a means of counterparts in various incorporated places like the self-governing villages, towns and cities. This is for the purposes of correlating and gathering statistical data. As of 2010 census data, the population has reached 21,925 in this CDP city.


Ashland was developed back around 1940s.

Ashland is a community situated between the cities of Hayward and San Leandro. It is estimated to be bounded by the Hesperian Boulevard in the West, 150th Ave in the North, Hampton Road at the South and I-580 at the East. You will also see here the Cherry land district.

Ashland then got its name after the Oregon ash trees that were once proliferating in the area. Back in the 1890s, people were able to ride the electric street car to Hayward from Oakland, which passes through various farms and orchards in Ashland. In the 1930s, nurseries and greenhouses replaced majority of the farms in the area. The place even had its own automobile racetrack situated where you could find the Bayfair Mall today. After World War II, the nurseries that once replaced the farms were then given way for housing development for the booming population of the District.

Today, Ashland is one vibrant community that is cantered around the E. 14th Street retail district. The Ashland REACH Youth Centre is the most active hub in the entire district, wherein it serves the youth throughout the Alameda County. They also even host annual events in the community. Some of its upcoming events are soul music, food stands, public performances and many more.


The schools that you’ll find in this place are the Hesperian Elementary and Hillside Elementary for the elementary education. Middle school is the Edendale Middle School, while High School is the San Lorenzo High School.         

Dining, Shopping and more

Ashland may not be as ear ringing for most people, but at least if you live here or visit the place, you’ll find a lot of restaurants to dine in. One of the very popular places to visit is the Luccas Italian Delicatessen, which has been voted as the best delicatessen for 17 years. For old fashioned ice cream, go to Knudsen’s Ice Creamery, which is situated right in the Castro Valley neighbourhood.

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