Some people do experience slight pain in their gums, or sometimes see traces of blood but decides to overlook it. Yes, it may be nothing serious, but in some cases, you might be disappointed that the cause of such gum bleeding requires that you urgently visit a dentist. However, there are more reasons for bleeding gums than you may think, and here are some of them.

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Causes of gum bleeding

Some will probably think rigorous brushing of the teeth or be crushing on hard foods with the teeth are the only reasons for gum bleeding, but there are more to it. Other reasons for the bleeding include

  • Gingivitis:

These are the plaque that sticks to the teeth and gum. Its presence in the mouth over a period usually results in swollen gums. And in other situations, you may start experiencing tender gums and eventually bleeding.

  • Medication:

Series of researches have proven that some of the medicines we use also lead to gum bleeding. And this is because some medications can reduce the clotting capacity of the blood, thereby, leading to ease of blood at the instance of an impact on the gums.

  • Pregnancy hormonal changes:

Hormonal changes during pregnancy tend to alter the ability of the body’s immune system in combating bacteria, therefore leading to gum bleeding.

Other causes include:

•         Use of substandard toothpaste

•         Changing of a toothbrush, especially from a soft to a hard brush

•         Smoking

•         Improper washing of the mouth

•         Vitamins deficiency

•         Decaying tooth

But despite the numerous causes of bleeding of the gum, there also exist several ways of solving and also preventing it.

Solution and preventive measures for gum bleeding

The followings are suitable methods that have been proven to help and prevent bleeding gum.

  1. Frequent visit to certified dentists goes a long way in getting rid and also preventing the bleeding.

  2. Healthy diets also contribute its quota in keeping the bleeding away from you.

  3. Always consult with medical professionals before using any medications. Self-medication or treatment is not always the best option.

  4. When brushing, endeavor to brush your teeth, gums, tongue including every other section of your mouth. Residual plague due to the neglect of a particular segment of the mouth can quickly give way to contamination of the gum.

  5. Ensure to floss at least once daily, as this will help remove any in-between plague teeth to avoid contamination.

Symptoms of gum Bleeding

With the above options, you are sure of getting rid of bleeding gums. But it is essential to detect bleeding gums early to prevent it from getting worse. So, signs to look out for include bad breath, receding gum, losing teeth, pus around the teeth and gums, as well as swollen gums among others.

Putting into use the available information in this piece would ease your stress in achieving that healthy mouth that is free from gum bleeding. But on a final note, you can always check in with a dentist for a detailed check-up of your mouth, as prevention is always better than cure.

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