The Difference Between Dental Crowns and Dental Implants

Usually, people don’t pay enough attention to problems with their teeth like pain or missing teeth. Besides not just aesthetically good but it can bring very serious problems connected with bacteria. It’s a situation where you just can’t afford to have that kind of problems. In order to solve an issue like missing teeth, there are two ways to go. Dental crowns are the first option and the other is placing dental implants. Now you need to see what is best for you, which procedure would be suitable and effective?

Dental Crowns

When we mention dental crowns, we talk about a complete dental restoration where the dentist completely encircles or caps a tooth. This type is often used there is serious danger from the cavity to the tooth. To bond, the crown dentists use dental cement and the crowns are made from porcelain, metal and more. There are many pros in using this type of procedure, like:

  • Minimal and simpler surgery that doesn’t require any extensive moves and it doesn’t need a long recovery period.

  • The best way to preserve the original natural look of the tooth and save some supporting structures if the work is done on a tooth. If the tooth is lost it is essential to place a crown to save your mouth from bone loss or gum recession.

  • It can also be a supporting part for other restorations like dental implants, bridges etc.


But like every procedure it hat some downsides. They are not a good choice if the tooth is in a very bad shape. They need the root which is below the bone level in order to have retention for the crown. Also to be able to place a crown the right way a few millimeters of tooth substance is removed and here might appear a problem if there isn’t enough tooth material. This can be compensated with thicker crowns but this is far away from the natural look of the tooth.

Dental Implants


In situations where a complete tooth replacement is needed the best procedure and most suitable one is to place a dental implant made from titanium, fused to the jawbone. This implant has several parts: fixture which is the anchor, abutment which is the linking part and the crown which is the mimic of a tooth. Generally, they are the best solution if you have a missing tooth. They are a lot of alike crowns and have a natural appearance of a subtle tooth replacement of the original. Unlike crowns, implants are stronger, built to adapt to any situation and have a very strong bite.

But their downside is that they are a lot more expensive than crowns and take a lot of time and invasive surgeries. This could take up to a month or more. With this type of procedure, a favorable jaw bone is essential. It needs to be strong and must have sufficient materials. Furthermore, implants are sometimes subjected to peri-implantitis which is an infection of the tissue and can cause some bone loss.


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