Types of tooth extraction

Has our San Leandro dentist told you that you need tooth extractions but you don’t know what it means and the types available for you or any other reason? If so, you should know what the process is and the types of tooth extractions. In a simple form, a tooth extraction means the process of removing a tooth from its socket. You may need a tooth extraction as preventative care if you have a decayed tooth or a tooth that is damaged beyond the help of filling or CEREC. Some other reason why an extraction might be recommended for you is when teeth block others from growing or delay of wisdom teeth from falling.


Usually, dentist tries and repair the tooth whenever there is a tooth breakage or tooth damage due to tooth decay by using various means like filling or fixing a crown, etc. However, just as we stated earlier on, there is some time where the tooth will have been damaged beyond repair. This is the common reason for tooth extraction.


During your first visit with our San Leandro dentist, you will have an X-ray to help the dentist decide the best process to remove the specific tooth. It is essential that you give a history of all the medicine you take or if you become sick the week before your procedure during the process. This will help the dentist achieve the best result, don’t also smoke leading up to the surgery – doing this can cause dry socket and other dental issues that can be painful.

Types of Dental Extraction

•    Simple Dental Extraction

Simple dental extraction involves the removal of teeth that are visible in the mouth and this process requires simple instruments like an elevator and dental forceps to elevate the affected tooth and grasp the visible portion. The forceps is used to grasp the tooth for its extraction after they might have used the elevator to loosen the tooth. The tooth is then moved back and forth until the periodontal ligament breaks.

•    Surgical Dental Extraction

This process is needed for the removal of teeth that are not easily accessible inside the mouth, and this might be because they have not erupted through the gum completely or they have been fractured under the gum line during its growth process. It is important to make an incision into the connective tissue surrounding the tooth in this situation to gain access to it for extraction.

For example, during the extraction procedure drill or osteotome may be needed to remove nearby jawbone. However, it is essential that a professional San Leandro dentist carried out the process in a dental hospital setting due to the pain that is associated with surgical, dental extractions.

So, if you live in the San Leandro area and need to have a tooth extraction or other dental care, do not fear that it is impossible to obtain. All you have to do is to call in on us.

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